Affordable Care Act Exchange Website

Affordable Care Act Exchange Website

By Phil Castell

Well, as anticipated by nearly everyone, the initial launch of the Exchange web-site was not an overwhelming success. For the first two days, the site seemed to be down more than it was up.  By Thursday and Friday things were more functional and stable but glitches were still to be found.

We are hopeful that over the weekend the IT folks at the Exchange will be able to beef up the infrastructure and iron out some of the kinks they have experienced.

So, we have a favor to ask you. If you are going to be coming into our office to allow us to assist you in this process will you first go to Sunny Farms and purchase a large bag of organically grown “PATIENCE”.  We have found that the organic patience is so much more palatable than the GMO patience found in most other stores. If you bring your patience to your meeting it will make the process a lot more pleasurable for all concerned.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure to be working in Port Angeles with a number of groups and organizations and had planned to do training on how the site was working etc.  After my first meeting where I took my laptop into the meeting and was unable to accomplish what we intended to cover, I spent the of the day just sitting down and chatting with folks without the pressure of a malfunctioning web-site.

We have been surprised at some of the identification questions that the Equifax fueled portion of the application have asked. For example one that seemed too easy was what County do you live in. If anyone has entered a zip-code it is pretty easy to know the County.  A fair number of the questions were answered “none of the above”.  I had thought that the questions would all have a correct answer included so it has been interesting to discover the scope of the questions.

It is still very early days and we are pleased at how the system looks and feels and think that when it has progressed past these initial teething problems will be a valuable tool for both the consumer as well as navigators and brokers.

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