Affordable Care Act & Colonoscopies

COLONOSCOPY.  The word itself sends shudders thru most people over 50.  It is recommended you get one every 10 years starting at age 50, but more frequently if family history or personal findings necessitate.

I am 52 and have not had my first so I do not speak from experience, but I have been told that the worst part is not the procedure but rather the pre-procedure drink.

I am asked the same two questions on a regular basis.  What is the cost? And second, what happens if I have a preventative colonoscopy and a polyp is surgically removed?

I am unsure of the actual cost of the procedure, but as it is one of the required preventative procedures under the Affordable Care Act, so it SHOULD be covered 100% including the removal of any polyps.

This is a new development where a polyp removal is now considered part of the colonoscopy and not a secondary treatment that is subject to co-pays and deductibles.

The following link will answer more in depth questions concerning this matter. This is based on current guidelines under the Affordable Care Act.  (

So go ahead and schedule that colonoscopy and get yourself checked out.  The preventative measures in the Affordable Care Act are already in place for people with non-grandfathered insurance plans.  This is one of your benefits, use it.

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