Important Information for Medicare Beneficiaries

Medicare Part D companies are required to send out an Annual Notice Of Change (ANOC). Most people will glance at the booklets and think “Well my plan worked pretty good this year, I will stick with it another year.”

You may be OK if you do that, but on the other hand you may miss some very important information. Please take a few minutes to at the very least check out the following two bits of information buried in the fine print:

1) What will my premiums and deductibles be for 2011 ?
2) Will all my medications be covered ?

Just because a medication was covered this year does not necessarily mean it will be next year. If all you take are inexpensive generics, chances are they will still be covered. But if you take some pricey tier 2 or 3 brand name drugs please check the formularies you have received.

Read any material you receive to make sure the plan will be suitable for you for next year.  At Castell Insurance we offer free Medicare Part D reviews, Monday through Friday, and best of all, no appointment needed!  Beat the rush and bring all your paperwork to our office and let us show you your options.  Castell Insurance is located at 426 E. Washington Street in Sequim, WA.  Call us at 360-683-9284.  For more information email Phil Castell at


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