We Now Offer Affordable Dental Insurance!

Individual dental insurance is the most requested type of policy that we now offer. In the past I thought the premiums were far too high in relation to the potential benefits. The reason for the high premiums when compared to benefit maximums is that the plans get used. If a person has a dental insurance plan they are far, far more likely to see a dentist than if 100% of the charges had to be paid by the person themselves. This leads to a very high percentage of people filing claims each and every year.

Most plans had very low maximum benefits, for example Delta Dental from Washington Dental Service has a monthly premium of $50 per month ($600 year) and an annual maximum benefit of $1,000. So, the premium equaled 60% of the maximum benefit you would be eligible for if you jumped through all the hoops.

Regence BlueShield offers two individual dental plans and both start off in year one with a $750 maximum which increases until a maximum of $1,500 is reached in year 4, providing subscribers utilize the benefits with annual exams and cleanings.

I think it is highly commendable for Regence to offer increased benefits to those who use the plan, as they recognize the value of preventative care, as well as good oral health preventing other serious conditions.

Isn’t that a little different from your auto insurance? Generally speaking if you have a fender bender and file a claim your premiums will increase.

I have searched high and low to find a program that I think is worthy of consideration for individual dental insurance.  We have found only one program that has a $2,000 annual maximum, which is available from day 1, and not graduated over a number of years. You can use any dentist, so traveling to Silverdale or Seattle is not necessary.

In addition another nice option is that you can either purchase from a local agent or directly online 24/7 from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Shopping from home in your underwear at 3am, ain’t America GREAT.

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