A New Era in Insurance ….

Well, here we are on day one of a brand new era.  “Phil’s Blog“.  This entire endeavour would not be occurring without the encouragement, (persistent prodding), of my sister-in-law Jodie.  She is learning all about new technologies and is working diligently to ensure that I am not going to be left behind on the information super highway.
As an Independent Insurance Agency in a small town (Sequim, WA) where our clients are mainly retirement age, I have been a slow convert.
I feel many people in this age group like the personal face-to-face contact as opposed to the computer. However, as we are all too aware, the Baby Boomer generation will be retiring  in ever increasing multitudes over the next decade or more.  These folk are not only far more technologically savvy than the previous generation, many of them prefer the anonymity of cyber shopping and comparison.
So, this Blog and the Agency web-site will hopefully be of use to a new group of people in researching what their insurance options are.
One other large benefit is that it will allow us to expand our geographical footprint from a small town agency to a regional and statewide agency, providing the same excellent levels of service but via other methods than face to face.

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